Master of Education in Early Childhood Special Education

The Masters of Early Childhood Special Education Program was designed to provide specialized pre-service training for current and future early interventionists and early childhood special educators. The program assumes that all infants, toddlers and preschoolers who experience disabilities and their families have the right to receive support and services from qualified interventionists and educators which will improve their lives.

The Early Childhood Special Education program is designed for professionals who are particularly interested in children in the age range birth through 5 years of age. The master’s degree is 36 credits of which 6 credits are an advanced internship.

By completing this program, taking 2 additional courses required by the State, and meeting the criteria stated below, candidates can now receive an Institutional Recommendation for an Alaskan teaching certificate with endorsement in Special Education birth to 5. Candidates with a teaching certificate who meet the following criteria will receive an institutional recommendation for an endorsement.

Candidates must meet one of the following criteria for an institutional recommendation:

  • EDSE  A695Y Advanced Internship - placement in public school for 6 credits

  • Experience teaching preschool special education in a public school

  • Extensive field experience in a preschool special education public school setting

The course emphasis will be on the needs, characteristics, and assessment of special children from birth through five, on interventions and family collaboration.

Important Notice about Planning a Practicum or Internship:
The CASE application deadline for the Fall semester: 2nd Friday of February and  Spring Semester: 2nd Friday of September. Students applying for an Institutional Recommendation (IR) must have their degree posted on their UAA transcripts before applying for graduation. 


There are two different admission requirements; one for UAA and one for the COE program

Internship Handbook



Form Name Description
Application for Admission - Special Education Application for Admission to the Special Education Programs.
Application for Admissions - Early Childhood Special Education Application for Admissions - Early Childhood Special Education
Comprehensive Exam Special Education Application to take semester Comprehensive Exam for Masters in Special Education or Early Childhood Special Education
Disposition Indicators Survey Special Education These forms are completed by mentor teachers for interns and practicum candidates in the graduate certificate special education endorsement.
Internship Application - Early Childhood Special Education Application to apply to Early Childhood Special Education Internship
Reference Form - MEd in Early Childhood Special Education Required form of the CASE department admission application process to the MEd in Early Childhood Special Education Education program.


Faculty and Staff

Name Title Phone Office
Erin Kinevay Wennerstrom Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Special Education 786-4612 PSB 222C