Secondary Education Certification Program                          Master of Arts in Teaching

The Secondary Education Certification program is an intensive experience for the exceptional graduate student who has both academic preparation in the content area taught in the public schools and significant life experience. The program integrates course work and field experiences to meet Alaska and national teacher education standards.

Graduates of the Secondary Education Certification program are prepared to become professional educators who are:

  • Excited about teaching and learning in K-12 classrooms

  • Committed to a life of thoughtful practice

  • Dedicated to working with all children, their families, and support personnel

  • Knowledgeable in the appropriate subject matter and skilled in how to teach it

  • Committed to the highest standards of professional ethics

Available concentrations

Program Handbook

Application Deadlines

Application to the Secondary Education Certification program and supporting documentation are due March 17, 2014. 


For initial program inquiries, please contact an Academic Success Coordinator in the College of Education Office of Student Services: 907-786-4401 or by email:



Form Name Description
Content Area Review - Business Education Worksheet for MAT Business Education applicants.
Content Area Review - English/Language Arts Worksheet for MAT English/Language applicants.
Content Area Review - Family & Consumer Science Worksheet for MAT Family & Consumer Science applicants.
Content Area Review - General Science Worksheet for MAT General Science applicants.
Content Area Review - Mathematics Worksheet for MAT Mathematics applicants.
Content Area Review - Music K-12 Worksheet for MAT Music K-12 applicants.
Content Area Review - Physical Education Worksheet for MAT Physical Education applicants.
Content Area Review - Social Studies Worksheet for MAT Social Studies applicants.
Content Area Review - World Language Worksheet for MAT World Language applicants.
Secondary Education Certification Program Secondary Education Certification Program Application


Faculty and Staff

Name Title Phone Office
Jonathan Bartels, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Secondary Education 786-1680 PSB 223B
Steve Ex Term Assistant Professor 786-4327 PSB 224B
Joseph Kenney Term Assistant Professor, Secondary Education 786-4448 PSB 229
Mike Mueller, Ph.D Professor, Secondary Education Program Chair 786-4613 PSB 223C
Kate O'Dell Professor Emeritus, Secondary Education 786-4427 PSB 228
Paul Ongtooguk Term Assistant Professor, CRANE Director 786-1906 PSB 209A
Irasema Ortega, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Elementary Education 786-4454 PSB 224F