Academic Advising

What does an Academic Advisor do?

Academic advisors provide intensive advising support through regular contact with students. Advisors help students explore various fields of interest, select a specific academic major, and develop plans of study appropriate for one’s educational goals. Advisors also refer students to other campus offices for assistance in academic, personal and career counseling. Academic advisors also connect students to financial aid and academic skills development resources.

Visit your advisor when you:


  • Have questions about your academic program 

  • Have questions about transferring courses 

  • Want to plan a schedule for the next semester or create an academic plan 

  • Have questions about the registration process 

  • Have questions about anything on campus from “How to drop or add classes” to “Where can I get career information?” 

  • Need to fill out forms or program applications 

  • Have academic difficulties 

  • Need someone to talk to about personal issues that affect your academic success

How is an Advisor Assigned to COE Students? 

  • Undergraduate students are assigned an advisor in the Student Services, upon admission to the College of Education. 

  • Graduate students are assigned a faculty advisor upon admission their specified program.  


Undergraduate Advising Contacts: 

Appointments may be scheduled with advising staff by contacting Student Services.

Early Childhood and Elementary Teacher Preparation

(907) 786-4401
College of Education Student Services, PSB 218
Walk In Advising Hours: Tuesday and Wednesdays 9:00am - 5:00 pm

Graduate Advising Contacts:

Appointments may be scheduled with faculty by contacting the administrative staff in each department.

Advanced Studies for Teachers

M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning
(907) 786-4481
Toll free #888-822-8973

Counselor Preparation (school or community)

M.Ed. in Counselor Education   
Graduate Certificate in Counselor Education
(907) 786-6317  
Toll free #888-822-8973

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Preparation

M.Ed. in Early Childhood Special Education
(907) 786-6317  
Toll free #888-822-8973

ESOL Teacher Preparation (for secondary certificated teachers)

Graduate Certificate in Language Education
(907) 786-4481
Toll free #888-822-8973

Principal and Superintendent Preparation

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership (principal)   
Graduate Certificates in Educational Leadership (principal or superintendent)
(907) 786-4450  
Toll free #888-822-8977

Secondary Teacher Preparation (includes Business Education, English/Language Arts, English as a Second Language, Family and Consumer Sciences, General Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Technology Education, World Languages, K-12 Physical Education, and K-12 Music)
(907) 786-4401
Toll free #888-822-8973

Special Education Teacher Preparation

Graduate Certificate in Special Education
M.Ed. in Special Education
(907) 786-6317  
Toll free #888-822-8973

Speech and Language Pathology Preparation

Affiliated Degree in Speech and Language Pathology
(907) 786-6317  
Toll free #888-822-8973

For More Information

Contact the College of Education Student Services  at 907-786-4401

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