Why Engineering at UAA?

Why Engineering?

Professor Richard Felder, a leading advocate of experiential learning, succinctly explains that engineers “…figure out why things aren’t working the way they are supposed to and fix them and they design and build other things that work just as well or better but cost less.”
Engineers are innovators, builders and problem solvers. They turn scientific knowledge into useful goods and services and are responsible to society for engineering design decisions. Engineers provide ways for society to improve our living standards. The field of Engineering is full of opportunity. Follow these links to find out more:

Why Study Engineering at the University of Alaska Anchorage?

At the University of Alaska Anchorage you can pursue your dream of becoming an Engineer while living in the business, industrial, cultural, and recreational center of Alaska.

As an undergraduate, you can become a Civil Engineer, or pursue the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and choose a concentration in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Computer Systems Engineering. If you want to learn surveying, we also offer a certificate, an AAS degree, and a BS degree in Geomatics.

Anchorage is where it’s happening. Here you will find all of the major employers of engineering talent in Alaska. This means that you have a better shot at getting an engineering job even before you graduate. Many of our students work part time with engineering and construction companies while attending school. Even first and second year students.

You’ll also find hundreds of miles of biking and skiing trails, downhill skiing at Alyeska resort, a world class performing arts center, multiplex movie theatres, museums, the best restaurants in Alaska, a mild maritime climate, and students from all over the world working for their degrees.

You’ll love it here and we’ll enjoy having you as a student! 

The School of Engineering at the University of Alaska Anchorage offers non-degree and degree seeking programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels:

Non-degree Programs
• Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
• Graduate Certificate in Port & Coastal Engineering
• Online Short Courses in Arctic Engineering
• Associate of Applied Sciences in Geomatics

Undergraduate Programs
• Bachelor of Science, Engineering (BSE) with Specializations in Computer  
  Systems Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
• Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
• Bachelor of Science, Geomatics

Graduate Programs
• Master of Science, Arctic Engineering
• Master of Science, Civil Engineering
• Master of Civil Engineering
• Master of Science, Engineering Management and Science Management
• Master of Science, Project Management
• Master of Science Applied Environmental Science & Technology
• Master of Applied Environmental Science & Technology