The structures and materials lab, also known as the Structural Evaluation of Sustainable Materials for Infrastructure (SESMI) lab, is located in ENGR 220 and ENGR 222B.  ENGR 220 is a larger open test floor (27 ft x 15 ft) in which the temperature and humidity are unregulated, while room 222B (sometimes called "The Hot Room") is a smaller 100 square foot space with temperature and humidity controls.  The Hot Room is capable of attaining temperatures from +10oto +50oC, and Relative Humidities from 5% to 95%.  These rooms are generally used for graduate level research in the Civil Engineering Program and for Senior Capstone Design projects (CE A438).  The laboratory is capable for testing light structures in any configuration and is equipped with the associated data acquisition hardware and software, including:

  • 20,000 lb electro-mechanical linear actuator
  • 3,000 lb electro-mechanical linear actuator and load frame
  • A variety of load cells (100lb, 250lb, 500lb, 1000lb, 3000lb, and 25,000lb capacity)
  • Four TranTek LVDTs (+/-0.1 inch, +/-0.5 inch, +/-1.0 inch, and +/-2.0 inch)
  • 8 Speedair Pneumatic Actuators
  • Air Compressor and Pneumatic system with backup tanks
  • 1 National Instruments Data Acquisition System with 32 Analog In channels, 8 Analog Out channels, 4 Bridge channels, and 4 Universal channels.
  • 3 Labjack general use Data Acquisition System 
In addition, the following fabrication equipment is available:
  • 12" Sliding Miter Saw
  • 2/3 hp Table-top Drill Press
  • 200 piece Tool set
  • Full Soldering Station and associated accessories