Port & Coastal Engineering

Alaska’s seaports and coastal harbors are primary centers of commerce and vital links to interior communities and to valuable natural resources. The scenic grandeur of the State's shores draws visitors from around the globe. Coastal resources must be shepherded by sophisticated means to assure their sustainability. Specialized training is necessary to design, build and operate coastal works in cold regions and to evaluate their effects on land and marine environments.

The School of Engineering at UAA offers a unique program of study to prepare engineers for this challenging field. Graduate teaching and research are conducted at UAA in the following specialized areas, which can lead to a Master of Science or Master of Engineering degree.


Specialized Courses

The specialized courses listed below can be applied to either undergraduate or graduate degrees in Geomatics and Engineering at UAA. Student participation in faculty-led research in these topic areas is often possible.

Course Title  Credit Hours
CE A674 Waves, Tides & Ocean Processes
CE A675 Design of Ports & Harbors  3
CE A676 Coastal Engineering  3
CE A677 Coastal Measurements & Analysis  3
GEO A433
Hydrographic Surveying  3
GIS A333
GIS and the Marine Environment  3