Graduate Student Information

The School of Engineering at UAA is proud to offer both graduate degrees and graduate certificates to students who wish to pursue engineering and engineering related education on a Master’s level.

As a current graduate student at the University of Alaska Anchorage’s School of Engineering, here are some links that you may find useful:

The Graduate School Website

The Graduate School Forms Page

The Graduate School Handbook

Arctic Engineering Graduate Handbook

UAA Graduate Program Admission for International Students

Students who have been admitted to one of these programs please click on the links below for more information about your degree program.

The School of Engineering at UAA offers the following Master's Degrees:
Master of Science, Applied Environmental Science & Technology (MS-AEST)
Master of Applied Environmental Science & Technology (M-AEST)
Master of Science, Arctic Engineering ;
Master of Science, Civil Engineering
Master of Civil Engineering 
Master of Science, Science Management
Master of Science, Engineering Management
Master of Science, Project Management

And the following Graduate Certificates:
Graduate Certificate, Environmental Regulations and Permitting 
Graduate Certificate, Earthquake Engineering
Graduate Certificate, Port and Costal Engineering

All Master’s Programs and Certificates are administrated through one of two departments.  Please contact either:

Civil Engineering (907- 786-1951) for the following degrees and certificates:
MS-AEST (MS in Applied Environmental Science & Tech)
M-AEST (Master in Applied Environmental Science & Tech)
MSAE (MS in Arctic Eng.)
MSCE (MS in Civil Eng.)
MSE (Master in Civil Eng.)
all certificates listed above

ESM & PM Program (907-786-1924) for the following degrees:
MSEM (MS in Engineering Management)
MSSM (MS in Science Management)
MSPM (MS in Project Management)