Arctic Engineering

UAA's Arctic Engineering program is a diverse program having students with B.S. degrees in civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering.  Therefore, it has also a diverse research program in several engineering fields with emphasis on cold regions and arctic areas.

Research areas include ice and snow engineering, frozen ground engineering, pavement engineering, arctic buildings and utilities, arctic construction, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering. Current projects include:

  • Pavement preservation in Alaska
  •  Seepage in frozen soils
  • Kenai River and Skilak Lake ice jams
  • Wastewater treatment lagoon improvements
  • Aircraft de-icing disposal in the arctic
  • Sensing real-time and historical trends for Radio refractivity/Atmospheric K-factor in the arctic
  • Classification of frozen soils

UAA co-hosts the University of the Arctic's Thematic Network in Arctic Engineering and Science (together with the Lulea University of Technology (LTU) of Sweden). This makes it possible to share resources and projects with the LTU, Danish University of Technology and other UArctic member institutions.

Contact Professor Hannele Zubeck for more details.