Thermal System Design Laboratory

The newly designed Thermal System Design Laboratory opens its doors this fall in Room 111 in the Engineering Building. The objectives of the Thermal Systems Design Laboratory are to not only substantially increase the preparedness of our student pursuing jobs in the heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry, but also to create a synergy between students and local business, further cementing the interconnection of engineering education and industry.

Hands-on experiments are designed to deepen student understanding of fundamental principles, energy efficiency and sustainability, and provide practical experience operating HVAC&R equipment and instrumentation.

The following laboratory equipment were designed and built by our own undergraduate students and funded by the local industry through funding, equipment, and labor time donations, and the ASHRAE's Senior Undergraduate Project Grant:

  • Modular Experimental Refrigeration Laboratory 8000 Btu (MERL8000)
  • Air Duct Simulator
  • Air Handling Unit Simulator

Furthermore, a variety of laboratory equipment is available to the students thanks to donations from the local industry:

  • 3 ton HVAC unit
  • 1 ton HVAC unit
  • Mini refrigerator demo unit
  • AC unit to cool or heat a room attached to the lab

For more information on HVAC&R contact Professor Steffen Peuker.