Complex Systems

2000 Seminars

January 28
Dr. John Beebee, UAA Mathematics Department
Turing Machines and Computational Complexity

February 4
Dr. Jim Pantaleone, UAA Physics Department
When are Complex Physical Systems Simple?

February 11
Dr. John Beebee, UAA Mathematics Department
Self-reproducing Automata and The Game of Life

February 18
Dr. David Yesner, UAA Anthropology Department
Cultural Evolution and Complexity: The Development of Hierarchical Political Systems

February 25
Dr. Kim Peterson, UAA Biological Sciences Department
Sex and Evolution: Are Negative Lyapunov Exponents Adaptive?

March 3
Dr. Mark Hines, UAA Biological Sciences Department
Small Packages Complicated Things Early: Impact of Microbial Life on Earth

March 10
Dr. Jerzy Maselko, UAA Chemistry Department
Origin of Life: A Physical Chemist's Point of View

March 17
Dr. Will Jacobs, UAA Political Science Department
Evolution of Arms Races: Patterns, Metamorphs, and Analogies

March 24
Dr. Greg Protasel, UAA Public Administration
Organizational Management and Emergent Self-Organization: Lessons from Complexity Theory

April 7
Dr. James Liszka, UAA Philosophy Department
The Evolution of Knowledge in Complex Systems

April 14
Dr. Tom Buller, UAA Philosophy Department
The Bounds of Complexity: Consciousness, Emergentisms, and Reductionism

April 21
Dr. Ed Deimer, UAA Mathematics Department
Weather as a Complex System

April 28
Round table discussion
The Future of the Universe