2004 Complex Systems Lecture Series

May 13-14, 2004
John Padgett, Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago
Topics: "Robust Action and the Rise of the Medici" and "Economics as Chemistry"

May 20-21, 2004
Daniel Teitelbaum, Senior Scientist, NuTech Solutions
Topics: "Applications of Complexity to Business: Taming Complexity with Agent-Based Models" and "Improving Cooperation within Supply Chains with Agent-Based Models"

2004 Seminars

January 16
Dr. Cristián Samper, National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution
Biocomplexity of Cloud and Rain Forest Systems

February 13
Dr. Kamal Narang, UAA Department of Mathematics
Category Theory

February 20
Dr. Peter Olsson, UAA Aviation Technology and Alaska Experimental Forecast Facility
Modeling the Atmosphere on Small Scales

February 27
Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth, UAA Department of Logistics
Complexity and Network Systems

March 12
Dr. John Beebee, UAA Department of Mathematics
Gödel's Theory, Self-reference and Complexity

March 31
Dr. Frank Moore, Miami University
General Intelligent Behavior of Autonomous Weapons Systems

April 23
Martin Robards, UAA/UAF Biological Sciences PhD Candidate
Timescapes of Community Resilience and Vulnerability in the Circumpolar North

April 30
Dr. David Hoffman, Alaska Pacific University Department of Business
Managing Against Complexity

October 15
Stephen Grabacki, President, GRAYSTAR Pacific Seafood, Ltd
Alaska Quality Seafood Program

October 22
Dr. Marco Janssen, Indiana University at Bloomington
Governing Social-Ecological Systems

October 29
J. Gwen Kennedy, Ph.D., Kennedy & Associates
Complex Human Dynamics

November 5
Dr. John Beebee, UAA Department of Mathematics
Memes: catchy metaphor or scientific theory?

November 12
Dr. Robert Furilla, UAA WWAMI Program and Department of Biological Sciences
Computer Simulations of Acid-Based Status in Complex Solutions such as Blood and Plasma