Anchorage Metro Area Computer Labs

Each lab is listed below by building. You will notice icons next to the room location for each lab indicating staffing and restrictions. Please refer to the key below.
Open Lab is open for all UAA-affiliiated individuals
Restricted Lab use is restricted, please see the individual lab for details
Staffed Lab is staffed, please see the individual lab for staffing hours
Unstaffed Lab is not staffed
Aviation Technology
    Lab Rm#  
    Student Computer Lab 124A Open Unstaffed
University Center - UC
    Lab Rm#  
    CTC Computer Classroom 119 Restricted Unstaffed
    AET CADD Lab 1 121 Restricted Staffed
    AET CADD Lab 2 123 Restricted Staffed
    UC Open Computer Lab 126 Open Staffed
    CTC Computer Classroom 8 150 Restricted Staffed