Instructional Classroom South

Location:  Consortium Library 306
Maintained By:  Consortium Library
Staffing:  Unstaffed
Access:  Restricted

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Lab Introduction

Library Instructional Classroom SouthThe Consortium Library Instructional Classroom is located on the third floor of the Library, room 306. (view Campus Map)

The lab has Windows workstations with software applications used for online research. The room is available only for Library Instruction classes.


Scheduled Hours of Operation

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
*Note: Schedule is subject to change due to campus closures, holidays, and other events.
Spring By reservation only
Intersession By reservation only
Summer By reservation only
Intersession By reservation only
Fall By reservation only
Winter Break By reservation only


Available Resources

  • 1 - Dell Optiplex 980 (Early 2010) MT; Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64-bit; Intel Core i5 3.20 GHz; 4.0 GB RAM; DVD±RW; Sympodium ID370 17" interactive pen LCD display, 1280x1024, 5:4 aspect ratio
  • 25 - Dell Optiplex 790 (Early 2011) USFF; Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit; Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz; 4.0 GB RAM; DVD±RW; Dell Professional P1911b 19" Widescreen LCD display, 1440x900, 16:10 aspect ratio
  • 1 - Christie LW400 Data/Video Projector, connected to Instructor's podium
  • 1 - HP LaserJet 1320
Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.x (Presenter's podium)
Adobe Master Collection CS5 (Presenter's podium)
  Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
  Adobe Fireworks CS5
  Adobe InDesign CS5
  Adobe Media Encoder CS5
  Adobe Photoshop Extended CS5
Adobe Reader 11.x
Blackboard Collaborate Launcher
Firefox 31.x
  Flash Player 15.x (plug-in)
  Shockwave Player 12.x (plug-in)
  RealPlayer 15.x (plug-in)
  Silverlight 5.x (plug-in)
Firefox 32.x (Presenter's podium)
  Flash Player 16.x (plug-in)
  Shockwave Player 12.x (plug-in)
  RealPlayer 17.x (plug-in)
  Silverlight 5.x (plug-in)
Google Chrome 37.x
  Flash Player 16.x (plug-in)
  Shockwave Player 12.x (plug-in)
Java 7
Java 8 (Presenter's podium)
Jing 2.8.x (Presenter's podium)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x
  Flash Player 15.x (plug-in)
  Shockwave Player 12.x (plug-in)
  RealPlayer 15.x (plug-in)
  Silverlight 5.x (plug-in)
Microsoft Office 2010 Enterprise
OverDrive Media Console
QuickTime 7.x
RealPlayer v15
RealPlayer v17 (Presenter's podium)
Skype 5.x (Presenter's podium)
TurningPoint 5.x (Presenter's podium)
Windows DVD Maker
Windows Media Center
Write-N-Cite 4.2.x (Word plug-in)
XPS Viewer