Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers degrees in Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering. Graduates from the program are prepared for a variety of professional opportunities involving computer hardware and software.



Upper Division Courses for 15/16 Academic Year


It is very unlikely that the CS&E Department will be able to offer CSCE A360 Database Systems during the Spring 2016 semester.  For this reason, CS and CSE majors will instead be allowed to take CIS A330 Database Management Systems during the Fall 2015 semester, and substitute CIS A330 for CSCE A360 for the purpose of fulfilling degree requirements.  NOTE: If you intend to graduate before Spring 2017 and have not yet taken CSCE A360, you will need to complete CIS A330 during the Fall 2015 or Fall 2016 semester!

We also anticipate that a very limited number of CS&E courses will be available as upper-division electives for CS and CSE majors during the 2015-16 Academic Year.  For this reason, CS and CSE majors are encouraged to take any of the following courses as upper-division electives:

  • CIS A410 Project Management
  • CIS A430 Client-server Programming
  • CIS A460 Web Development in .NET
  • PM A494E Systems Engineering Fundamentals

CIS A330, CIS 410, CIS A460, and PM A494E will be offered Fall 2015, while CIS A430 will be offered Spring 2016.

Students who take these courses to fulfill upper-division CS or CSE electives should be juniors or seniors who have completed at least two programming courses (e.g., CSCE A201 and 211/222).  For CIS A430, prior coursework in Database Systems (such as CIS A330 or CSCE A360) or any previous database design/development experience is expected; in addition, some exposure to HTML5 and CSS3 is desired, but this can be satisfied with Codecademy lessons taken online.

To register for a CIS course, you will need to get College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP) instructor approval.  Just send your name and UAA ID number to the instructor of record.  If the instructor approves your request, your information will be forwarded to a CBPP advisor, who will take the actions necessary to allow you to register for the course.

For more information on the PM course, contact Bruno Legrand.

Students needing upper division electives might also check with faculty about CSCE A498 Individual Research projects and CSCE A395 Internships.

This is a temporary measure; regular course offerings should be back to normal for the 2016/2017 academic year.  Please see your CS&E advisor if you have any questions.


CS&E 2013/2014 Curriculum Changes

Beginning in Fall 2013, the Computer Science & Engineering Department is adopting a revised curriculum. 

If you are a student under the 2013/2014 catalog year, please see the new course catalog content and flowcharts.  If you have not yet spoken to an advisor, please make an appointment with either the incoming student advisor, Crickett Watt ( ; 907-786-1085) or your assigned faculty advisor.

If you are a student under any previous catalog year, the new program requirements will not apply to you.  In order to determine which new core courses are equivalent to the old ones, see the curriculum changes guides.  Please consult with a faculty advisor for further details on which classes you should take.

All new documents can be found here:

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