CS&E 2013-2014 Curriculum Changes

Beginning in Fall 2013, the Computer Science & Engineering Department is adopting a revised curriculum.  Instead of the CS and CSE course prefixes, the combined course prefix will become CSCE.  The new curriculum will give students a wider variety of upper division electives.  If your catalog year is prior to the 2013/2014 catalog, the new program requirements will not apply to you, but you will need to check the curriculum changes guide to determine which new core courses are equivalent to the old ones.  Some revised courses will assume knowledge of C++ and/or Java, which might impact your course selection depending upon the courses you have completed.  Please consult with a faculty advisor for further details on which classes you should take.

Links to all new documents can be found below, including 2013/2014 flowcharts, curriculum change guides, and catalog changes for the different majors and minors.  The catalog pages are pending final approval and are currently in draft form.  Information may be subject to change until the official publication of the 2013/2014 course catalog.

For C++ study materials, please go to: