College Preparatory & Developmental Studies

Mission Statement

The College Preparatory & Developmental Studies Department (CPDS) helps under-prepared and non-traditional college students increase academic and critical thinking skills and develop the confidence to pursue their life-long learning goals.

Program Summary

The College Preparatory & Developmental Studies program at UAA combines developmental reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, English as a Second Language (ESL), and college success courses into a single department. We provide instructional support that helps under-prepared students prepare for college level courses.

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Program Outcomes

CPDS students will:

  • Succeed in their developmental coursework.
  • Succeed in ENGL 111 (PRPE 107 and PRPE 108 students).
  • Succeed in GER level mathematics (MATH 105 students).
  • Succeed in the next course in their developmental sequence.
  • Complete their developmental sequence.
  • Show improvement in their study skills.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking in their course assignments.

We Develop Success!