Catalog Copy

Minor changes to the catalog, such as grammatical or punctuation corrections, can be made during the editing period (usually spring semester).

Major program changes require curriculum committee approval and catalog copy must accompany the change through the curriculum process.

Consult with Publications and Scheduling at 907.786.1209. They will help edit for format and content.

To bring catalog copy changes to the curriculum committee, please complete a CAR form from the governance site and submit the old catalog copy with marked changes along with the new catalog copy. You will find a downloadable Microsoft Word version of the catalog's relevant chapters in the Quick Links section of the governance site.

Sample Forms

Sample Catalog Copy Curriculum Action Request (CAR) Form

Catalog Copy Requirements

Catalog copy content will include the following:

  • Program description
  • Admission requirements
  • Advising information
  • Degree requirements
  • Major requirements
  • Course requirements and/or suggested course sequence
  • Faculty information
  • Other requirements specific to the program and/or courses