CTC Communication  - Internal

Internal communications are the way that information is passed within an organization. At the Community & Technical College information is distributed through the CTC Insider. At the University level, it is distributed through the Green & Gold. This section of the website contains information on how to contact the editors of each publication, what is accepted for publication and the cycles of each publication.

CTC Insider

CTC Insider features Community & Technical College news and events. The blog covers the work of our faculty, students, staff, and alumni. It aims to connect CTC employees and showcase our stories to university leadership. The blog focuses on the following: 

  • High-profile awards, grants, fellowships, and internships awarded to members of the college community
  • Interesting research
  • Innovative teaching
  • Launch of new academic programs
  • Faculty, staff, student, & alumni profiles
  • Partnerships between CTC and government or industry
  • Events with broad appeal to the university community and beyond

Submissions for the CTC Insider are accepted on an ongoing basis and may be sent to the CTC communications coordinator. Be sure to include text, relevant links and to attach photos.

Green & Gold 

The University's publication, Green & Gold, is produced by UAA's Office of University Advancement. This publication is delivered daily to students, faculty and staff at UAA. Faculty and staff receive a version suited to their needs and interests, students receive another version. When submitting information to this publication, please indicate which/both publication you would like the information to be in.

Submissions for Green & Gold are sent through the Office of University Advancement Web site at: