Thesis Process

1. The CWLA Thesis Process and Formatting Guidelines: This was created by the CWLA Program specifically for CWLA Graduate Students.

2. The UAA Graduate School Thesis Formatting Handbook: This document was created to assist all UAA Graduate Students.  CWLA Graduate Students will find this Handbook useful, except for Chapter 5.  CWLA students should not refer to Chapter 5.

3. The UAA Graduate School Thesis Formatting Checklist:  This checklist was created specfically for CWLA Gradute Students.

4. The CWLA Signature Page Template: CWLA students should use this signature page template.  Be sure the UAA Graduate School approves of your template by June 15th.

5. The CWLA Title Page Template:  CWLA Graduate Students should refer to this template for their Title Page.

6.  The UAA Graduate School Flow Chart of Thesis Review and Submission Process:  This visual illustration may be helpful for some students. 

7. The CWLA Master's Thesis Submission Form: Specifically created for CWLA students.  Do not use the Master's Submission form found on the UAA Graduate School Website.