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John P. O'Grady


Telephone: 907.786.4394
E-mail: jpogrady@uaa.alaska.edu


John P. O'Grady was born in New Jersey and born again in the mountains of the American West.  As an undergraduate he studied forestry, believing that this was a chance to dwell in deep groves and sequestered places, but when he realized resource management is not an appropriate practice for one who delights less in the chainsaw that in the standing oak, he moved on to pursue graduate studies in English.  For a number of years he served as professor of literature and environmental studies.  He has lived in California, Idaho, Montana, and Pennsylvania.  Now he's in the Catskill Mountains of New York, where he continues to write.  He is the author of Grave Goods: Essays of a Peculiar Nature (2001) and Pilgrims to the Wild (1993).  Along with Lorraine Anderson and Scott Slovic he edited the anthology Literature and Environments (2nd ed., 2012).