Tuition and Fees

Each MFA semester course is five credits and is considered full-time.  The program requires a total of 45 credits (nine courses, one per semester) over a three year period.

Residency tuition hovers around $400 per credit making every semester's course about $2000. Non-Resident tuition is approximately $800 per credit resulting in each semester's course costing about $4000.

Please be sure to visit UAA's Tuition and Fees website for and exact description of costs.  Please be sure to calculate into your expectations charges the student fees that are listed at the bottom of the Tuition and Fees page.  

Residency specific costs can be expected to be approximately $1,500 which includes housing, a full meal plan, and the $275 summer lab fee.  At the very least expect that the Residency will cost between $475 and 550.  This charge is for the mandatory group meals and the summer lab fee.  None of these costs include transportation or expenses associated with books and supplies and other personal items.

Financial Assistance

The University of Alaska Anchorage has many financial aid options to help you cover the cost of your degree. The  Office of Student Financial Assistance includes information about financial assistance, payment plans, financial aid disbursement schedules, and  scholarships

Please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance directly for all of your financial aid questions.  You may contact them  at 907-786-1480 or e-mail them at:

At the moment the Creative Writing & Literary Arts program does not currently offer scholarships or assistantships.



If you are intersested in scholarships, we suggest you begin by perusing the College of Arts and Sciences scholarships and also review the scholarships listed under General and Miscellaneous, Private, and UA Statewide Scholarships.

There is one scholarship specifically for Creative Writing students called the UAA April Relyea Scholarship.

UAA's scholarship deadline is typically February 15th.  While this deadline is several weeks before CWLA acceptance notification is mailed, incoming students are allowed to apply for the scholarships and may be awarded the scholarship if 1) they are accepted into the CWLA program and 2) the scholarship review committee awards them the scholarship.


The Jason Wenger Memorial Writing Award

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The Jason Wenger Memorial Writing Award honors one of the most spirited and generous graduate students to enter the MFA program. Each year up to three graduating students receive a monetary award in his name.


There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks.
Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough,
to pay attention to the story.
 ~ Linda Hogan