The Summer Residency

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The Residency allows students and faculty to immerse themselves in the work of writers: reading, writing, and sharing ideas. The classes and workshops are informative, intensive, and inspirational.  Students have the opportunity to learn from every faculty member, in every genre, while discovering which mentors are best suited for their own work.  Everyone, faculty and students, gathers informally at most meals and the entire group shares several meals including the informal "graduation" ceremony.

The Residency is the exhausting and exhilarating highlight of the year.  It is during the Residency that students and faculty establish a sense of community that sustains them throughout the rest of the year. 

The 2016 Summer Residency will begin on Saturday, July 9th and end on Thursday, July 21st.  For more information about the Residency, please review the 2015 Summer Residency schedule.


Northern Renaissance Arts & Science Series

 Almost every evening of the Residency, and occasionally throughout the year, CWLA hosts the Northern Renaissance Arts & Sciences Series.  The Series offers the opportunity to engage with distinguished literary, performing, and visual artists as well as scientist and cultural leaders. Genuine collaboration among the arts, sciences, and humanities fosters creativity and encourages us to consider the challenges and ideas of our time.  As part of the Summer Residency, MFA students are required to attend each evening's readings.  Series


 What to Expect at UAA

The campus in summer is especially pleasant, with numerous bike trails, hiking trails, a few lakes, and lots of wildlife to enjoy. The Consortium Library, the Campus Bookstore, classrooms, and other facilities are within walking distance of housing and the Seawolf Shuttle also makes regular rounds.

Several inexpensive, but good, restaurants are within walking distance of campus including: Thai Kitchen, Taco King, several pizza places, and the Blue Fox.





What to Expect in Anchorage

One of advantage of the Summer Residency is, of course, summer and plenty of daylight!  In July we have 18 hours of light and the average daily high is 65 degrees, although a 10-degree range in either direction is not unusual. The weather can quickly shift from hot and sunny to cool and rainy. For more information about Anchorage visit The Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau which offers a wealth of information about local attractions as well as nearby excursions. For photos and details of the city’s many trails and parks see


The way you define yourself as a writer is that you write every time
you have a free minute. If you didn't behave that way
you would never do anything. ~ John Irving