Funding Request Guidelines:

The following guidelines delineate evaluation criteria for proposed projects to be funded by the University of Alaska Anchorage Diversity Action Council. All proposals must be presented via the DAC Funding Request Form and submitted to the UAA Office of Student Affairs at: View the listing and descriptions of previously Granted DAC Funding Requests.

I. Solicitant Affilation:

A proposed project must be initiated and sponsored by an official UAA campus organization, department, program, or center. Such designees must be present and participate in the event. Events should be held on one of UAA’s campuses and open to all campus community members.

II. Proposal Description:

A proposed project must be related to a diversity issue, aligning with two (2) or more components of the UAA Diversity Mission Statement, UAA Strategic Plan 2017, and/or the UAA International and Intercultural Learning Outcomes.

UAA Diversity Statement

With freedom of speech being at our core, UAA strives to create an inclusive, respectful campus community that promotes and embraces our individual differences. We are united in our belief that diversity includes understanding and respecting differences in ideas, religion, gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, disability, age, and socioeconomic status. We celebrate diversity in all of our educational and employment endeavors.

UAA Strategic Plan 2017

  • Priority A: Strengthen the total UAA instructional program: sustain and develop courses and programs to address the opportunities and challenges of Alaskan life; prepare students to think and work in a rapidly changing world; and increase student participation in research, creative expression, and service learning.
  • Priority B: Reinforce and rapidly expand UAA’s research mission; strengthen capacity for competitive sponsored research, and give special attention to Alaska, the Pacific Rim, and the circumpolar North.
  • Priority C: Expand educational opportunity and increase student success: improve transition to higher education with an emphasis on serving Alaska Natives, other underrepresented populations, and first-generation college students; continue to improve the rates at which students attain their educational goals; and substantially increase the number of our students who achieve the highest academic distinction.
  • Priority D: Strengthen the UAA community: develop campus life and the total college experience; build and maintain our facilities as sustainable models for northern universities; and recruit, retain, and develop the highest quality faculty and staff.
  • Priority E: Expand and enhance the Public Square: expand our commitment to community engagement, become a national model for community partnerships, and make our campuses the venue of choice for Alaskan public life.

UAA International and Intercultural Learning Outcomes

  1. Understands one’s own culture(s) within an Alaskan, national, and global context.
  2. Applies knowledge and critical thinking to global and cultural issues, trends, and systems, and uses diverse frames of reference to address problems.
  3. Communicates and connects with people in other communities to extend one’s own access to information, experiences, and understanding.
  4. Fosters additional languages, including Alaska Native languages, as a component of the UAA experience.
  5. Develops an informed critical awareness and understanding of cultural differences, similarities, and ambiguities.
  6. Gains an Alaskan, national, and international perspective on careers.

III. Advertising:

The DAC must be included as a Co-Sponsor on any advertisement or announcements for the proposed project. Any reference to the DAC must include its entire name, UAA Diversity Action Council.

Americans with Disability Act: Any DAC funding proposal for an event must address and, when applicable, provide estimated costs for the Americans with Disability Act accessibility accommodations in its budget. Proposals must include process and timeline to access any Americans with Disability Act accommodations in its advertising. A DAC-funded event must include the following statement: Interpreting services and other accommodations are available as needed. Please contact Name, Host Department, Phone Number, E-Mail with at least 48 hours advance notice. UAA is an EEO/AA employer and educational institution.

IV. Budget:

A proposed project must have additional sponsors, in-kind and additional funding sources. Include a line-item budget of costs and expected revenues. Note that admission must be free or significant discounts must be given to UAA community members as a result of the DAC co-sponsorship.

State the names of other co-sponsors and the dollar amounts or in-kind donations that have been committed. Note that the DAC typically offers up to 50% matching funds.

State a fixed-dollar amount that is requested as well as the UAA account number for the transfer of funds should the request be approved.

The DAC awards block grants and does not fund specified costs such as rental space or airfare.

The DAC does not retroactively fund projects.

Any unused DAC funds must be returned to the DAC within 30 days of the event.

V. Post-Project Commitment:

A one-page summary reporting the outcomes of the project must be submitted to the DAC within 30 days after the event has occurred. Failure to submit such a summary may result in denial of future funding.

VI. Academic Year 2015-16 DAC Meeting Dates:

The Diversity Action Council highly encourages solicitants to present their proposals in person during a corresponding monthly DAC meeting.

  • September 18, 2015
  • October 16, 2015
  • November 20, 2015
  • December 11, 2015
  • January 15, 2016
  • February 19, 2016
  • March 25, 2016
  • April 8, 2016