Amanda Kookesh

Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Educator
Office: Dean of Students Office Suite, PSB 119
Phone: (907) 786-1511


Originally from Southeast Alaska, Amanda Kookesh has lived in Alaska all her life. Amanda graduated from high school in Anchorage, and completed her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at UAA. Now she is the Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Educator.

Amanda's professional and educational background has concentrated on substance abuse and mental health issues in Alaska. She has previously worked in substance abuse counseling, suicide prevention, and group homes. As an alumnus she hopes to help her fellow seawolves in making good decisions and drinking responsibly. Her goal is to lower the amount of underage students who drink and to reduce the amount consumed.

"I hope I can be a resource for students to stay on track and graduate," Amanda Kookesh.


Scheduling a Meeting

Amanda Kookesh is available to meet or consult with students, staff and faculty concerning substance-related issues. To schedule an appointment, contact Amanda directly.


Amanda Kookesh is available to provide presentations about alcohol, drugs, and wellness education to students, staff, and faculty.  To request a presentation, contact Amanda directly.

Alcohol Permits

Personal consumption, possession, or display of beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages will only be allowed by special permission of the Chancellor.  The Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs has the authority to approve events where alcoholic beverages may be served to individuals of legal age with positive identification.  Approval to serve alcoholic beverages will be granted on designated premises for private University-sanctioned events for a limited period of time.  The sale of alcoholic beverages at University-sanctioned events on campus is not permissible and may not be approved by the Chancellor.   To request to serve beer or wine at an event please fill out the Request to Serve Beer or Wine form.