Submitting a Student Code of Conduct Complaint

Any University student, faculty, or staff member may initiate a disciplinary action against a student or student organization for committing, attempting to commit, or intentionally assisting in the commission of a Code violation. Allegations must be in writing, signed by the complaining party, and submitted to the Dean of Students Office or the Department of Residence Life for incidents occurring in University housing. Reports may be emailed to the Dean of Students Office at, faxed to (907) 786-1291 or delivered to Room 204 of the Student Union. Reports may be emailed to the Department of Residence Life at, faxed to (907) 751-7446, or delivered to Apartment 103 of Main Apartment Complex Building Six.


A Summary of How a Complaint is Reviewed

Once a complaint has been received, the designated student conduct officer will review the allegations and conduct a preliminary investigation. The student conduct officer reviews and collects information to determine if sufficient information exists to support the accusation. If so, students are notified about the allegations and are invited to participate in a meeting to review the accusations of misconduct. This administrative review is an opportunity for the students to present information, witness statements, names of witnesses and any other explanations for their behavior. Findings from the review are based on the information contained in University reports, any information students choose to share, and information gathered during the investigation of the allegations. If students are found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct, students may be assigned educational sanctions. Students are provided the opportunity to appeal cases where they are found responsible. 

To see a full description of UAA Student Judicial Review Procedure, see the Student Code of Conduct Brochure.