Thank you for taking the time to visit this site!  In light of the fact that the Student Code of Conduct has not been significantly updated in more than a decade, the Student Code of Conduct Review Team found a need to examine the Student Code of Conduct.  Throughout our process we've set several goals that are highlighted on this page.  We've received feedback from UA stakeholders. We are in the process of sending forward proposed revisions to the Board of Regents after review by the UA System Academic Council and UA Student Services Council. 

Student Code of Conduct Review Goals

  • Revise Language
    The language in the current code tends to be legalistic in nature, often leading students to believe that the conduct process mirrors that of a courtroom.  Though our process is fair and just, like that of courtroom proceedings, our aim as an educational institution is developmental and restorative.  Thus, we believe it is fitting to shift the language to be less legalistic in nature.  In addition, the revised language is intended to add clarification to the steps within our processes, offer more relevant examples and articulate definitions of terms utilized within the conduct process. 
  • Acknowledge Technology
    The Student Code of Conduct was last reviewed in full in 1998.  Since the last revision, many changes have taken place with regards to technology.  The proposed changes are an attempt to more accurately reflect current practices, taking into account the vast changes that have taken place with regards to technology.
  • Meet Federal Mandates
    The federal government often passes legislation that impacts the policy and practice requirements of our institutions.  It is our duty follow and abide by federal mandates.
  • Compare Model Policies
    We believe it is valuable to review model code of conduct policies to help us develop our own and to make sure our code is in step with best practices.
  • Consider Growth
    Since the previous revision of the Student Code of Conduct, the UA System has experienced a significant amount of growth and addition of many programs.  The proposed changes make the Student Code of Conduct relevant to all programs within the UA System.