Intent of the Proposed Change

  • To provide clear conditions when a student group or organization may be held responsible for violating the student code of conduct.  

Current Policy

Current University Judicial Procedures do not include a section that specifically defines the conditions when a student group or organization can be held responsible for violation of the student code of conduct. 

Proposed Revision

A student group or organization and its officers and membership may be held collectively and individually responsible when violations of this Code by the organization and its member(s):
  1. Take place at organization-sponsored or co-sponsored events, whether sponsorship is formal or tacit;
  2. Have received the consent or encouragement of the organization or of the organization’s leaders or officers; or
  3. Were known or should have been known to the membership or its officers.
The chancellor may establish in MAU rules and procedures a conduct process specifically designed for students participating in student organizations for matters relating to student organization conduct. Such processes must comply with Regulation 09.02.01.  If no MAU rules and procedures are established, the conduct process for student organizations will follow the student conduct process.  In any such action, individual determinations as to responsibility will be made and the sanctions may be assigned collectively and individually and will be proportionate to the involvement of each individual and the organization.

 If you have feedback about the proposed revision, please contact a member of the Student Code of Conduct Review Team.