Citation Appeal Process

Recipients of parking citations may appeal tickets if they believe that no violation of regulations occurred.

Your Rights

Upon receiving a citation, you have the right to appeal online within 14 days from citation issue date. If an appeal is not received within 14 days of the citation date, you forfeit your right to appeal. Appeals are accepted only online to ensure that each appellant is given the same amount of time to appeal and that a valid contact email address is used. Online appeal decisions will be delivered to the email address used. Appeal decisions will be made within 7 business days.


Appeal Outcomes

Citation appeals are reviewed based on:

  • reason citation was issued
  • 2-year citation history with UAA
  • permit status
  • appeal text

Citations may be upheld, adjusted, or dismissed. Citations with a balance due after appeal decision is delivered have 14 days to make payment in full before a $25 late fee is added. Citations not paid within 14 days of late fee being added will be transferred to student accounts for collections.

Appeals Board

Appellants that have completed the first appeal process may file a second appeal to be decided by the Appeals Board. The Appeals Board is comprised of students, staff and faculty volunteers. Citations must be paid to be eligible for a second appeal; the decision of the Appeals Board is final.