2016 UAA Development Day Committee

Chair Betty Hernandez
Community Engagement Fair Committee Katie Brandenberg, Tamah Haynes, Zlata Lokteva, and Chris Triplett
Food Committee Ashlyn Antonelli, Betty Hernandez, and Sarah Sheets
Opening/Closing Ceremony Committee Betty Hernandez, Victoria Hillwig, Ron Kamahele, and Fannie Slaten
Printing Committee Kim Stanford
Prize Committee Katie Brandenberg, Tamah Haynes, Zlata Lokteva, and Chris Triplett
Registration Committee Betty Hernandez
UAA Fair Committee Katie Brandenberg, Tamah Haynes, Zlata Lokteva, and Chris Triplett
Volunteers Committee Laura Zamborsky
Workshops Committee Ruth Cardoso, KaLynn Coffey, Bryce Johnson, Danielle Nelson, and David Tranberg

Committee Descriptions

Closing Ceremony Committee
Responsible for closing ceremony layout and content. Contests, games, etc.?  Think outside of the box.  Work with Prize committee to determine method for prize giveways and drawing.  Also work worth the Food committee for afternoon snack.

Community Engagement Fair Committee
Contact organizations throughout the community to participate at the event.  What is out there in our community that we can educate our attendees about our mind, health, exercise, volunteer opportunities, and vendors. 

Food Committee
What’s for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack?!?! What entertainment will be provided during lunch? Will there be “toys” on the tables? What will the space look like? Is there a theme? Work closely with catering representatives on menu. Give away some prizes at lunch? Work with Prize committee on tickets and raffles during lunch and closing ceremony, work with Registration on table layout, and work with Closing on room layout.

Opening Ceremony Committee
Responsible for opening ceremonies layout and content (other than keynote speaker). Skit? Slideshow? Movie? Be creative!!  Work with Co-Chairs and Registration committees regarding any announcements.

Printing/Publication Committee
Spread the word! Advertise and get the message out about Development Day. Work closely with Registration, Workshops, Prizes and Co-Chair committees.

Prizes Committee
How many AWESOME prizes can we get to give away at Development Day? Contact business throughout the community to secure prizes for the day. Collect prizes. Coordinate giveaways/contests with Closing Ceremony, Food, and Open Ceremony committees.

Registration Committee
Work on “day of” registration logistics and processes. Packets? How distributed? What information is going to be given? Work with Food Committee regarding logistics of tables, work with Publications/Printing committee for itinerary, name tags, programs and any signage.  Work with Co-Chair committee on giveaways.

UAA Fair Committee
Contact UAA departments, colleges and programs to participate at the event.  This is a great opportunity for them to showcase the programs and services offered within their college and/or department.

Volunteers Committee
Gather volunteers to help out to set up the day before, day of the event and clean up.  Work closely with all of the committee to make sure they have help needed the day of the event.  Work with Co-Chair committee on t-shirts for volunteers.

Website Committee
Maintain and update the Development Day website making sure the information about the upcoming event is current. Partner closely with the Co-Chairs and all of the committees to provide updates on registrations, class lists, etc.

Workshops Committee
Planning and securing presenters/speakers and rooms for the day. What is going to be offered when and where?? Locating room hosts. Securing “thank yous” for presenters. Handle all computer related assistance on day of the event for workshops that will need assistance with technology.


Serving on UAA Development Day Committee

Serving on the committee provides you a chance to work in areas that you are interested in. It is also a great way to work and get to know other employees of UAA. If you are interested in being a part of the UAA Development Day Committee, please contact Betty Hernandez at 786-1733 or  bahernandez@uaa.alaska.edu.