Diversity Action Council Subcommittees

Best Practices in Hiring: Establish Policies & Procedures to Increase Faculty/Staff Diversity 

Identify and implement best practices in recruiting, selecting and hiring to support institutional diversity with the aim of UAA regular faculty and staff reflecting the diversity of Alaska as well as supporting the goals of UAA’s Affirmative Action Plan for Women and Minorities and Affirmative Action Plan for Veterans and Persons Experiencing Disabilities. Within UAA where a best practice is already in use, recommend to institutional leadership means to extend or broaden its use.  Success in our endeavors will be measured through periodic review of the following metrics: diversity of applicants to UAA regular positions and progress toward placement goals established by the UAA Affirmative Action Plans.


John Petraitis (Co-Chair)
Ron Kamahele (Co-Chair)
Yvonne Chace, ARLIS
Kimberly Green, UAA HRS
Libby Roderick, CAFE
Kim Morton, Student Affairs

Objective 1: Best Practices in Hiring


Coordinate Campus Initiatives: Provide a Framework for Advocating and Managing Diversity

  • Identify and seek to resolve inefficiencies in current university structures supporting diversity/inclusion;
  • Provide recommendations for a university-wide effort to coordinate diversity/inclusion programming and initiatives;
  • Work to ensure the reconceived DAC functions in a manner consistent with the recommendations of the DIAP.


Sara Childress (co-chair)
Ben Morton (co-chair)
Tania Rowe
Amy Snyder
Bridget Coffou
Megan Wilbur
Sigrid Brudie
NCBI representative

Objective 2: Provide a Framework for Managing and Advocating Diversity


Student Success: Target Underrepresented Populations

The subcommittee exists to establish a streamlined approach in addressing multiple deficiencies in service delivery to underrepresented populations. The subcommittee provides an inclusive and centralized mechanism to engage important stakeholders in developing recommendations for organizational change. The participating stakeholders within the subcommittee will also serve as a communication liaison to the UAA community to promote transparency and inclusivity within the change process.


Dr. Karen Markel- Dean of CBPP
Dr. Andre Thorn- Director of Multicultural Center and Native Student Services
Dr. Claudia Lampman- Vice Provost of Student Success
Dr. Neil Best- Title IX Coordinator
Kelly Foran- Director of Student Support Services
Dr. Gabe Garcia- Associate Professor of Public Health
Dr. Christ Stuive-Associate Professor of Counseling
Svetlana Surova- CBPP Student
Kaitlin DeMarcus- Director of Upward Bound
Tamika Dowdy- Middle College Program Coordinator

Objective 3: Student Success


Enhance Diverse Curriculum and Pedagogy

The UAA Diversity Action Council’s Enhance Diverse Curriculum subcommittee will aim to strengthen UAA’s diversity and inclusivity through its curriculum and instructional strategies. This effort will focus on assessing the current status of diversity and inclusion in the UAA curriculum, identifying and evaluating existing programs addressing curriculum diversity and inclusion, and identifying routes for developing new and strengthening existing initiatives involving diversity and inclusion in the UAA curriculum. As stated in the D&IAP: “As an open access institution that is committed to inclusive excellence and the success of all students, a keen focus on how diversity and inclusion is manifest in curriculum and instruction is key.” This subcommittee will further develop and move forward the implementation of the D&IAP recommendations for enhancing diversity in UAA’s curriculum and instructional strategies, as well as develop benchmarks by which to measure the success of these initiatives.


Thomas Chung, co-chair
Erin K. S. Hicks, co-chair
Carrie Aldrich
Gabe Garcia
Gokhan Karahan
Heather Nice
Jordan Norquist
Jennifer Stone
Haliehana Stepetin
Shawnalee Whitney

Objective 4: Curriculum & Instructional Strategies


Campus Space: Create Inclusive Spaces

Engage the Office of Facilities and Campus Services, other UAA offices, Faculty, staff and students, to conduct planning that examines the institution through the perspective/lens of diversity and inclusion. Recommend changes to campus space to enhance diversity and inclusion through transparent planning processes.


Adam Paulick (co-chair)
Maria Williams (co-chair)
Ryan Buchholdt
Stefanos Folias
Ryan Hill
Christopher McConnell
Kimberly Morton
Oliver Smith
David Weaver
Deanne Woodard.

Objective 5: Campus Space - Create Inclusive Spaces


Community Campus Outreach

The purpose of this subcommittee is to find commonalities, to facilitate improved communication, and increase the sharing of information across all campuses of UAA, particularly as it relates to the implementation of the DIAP.


Diane Taylor (Chair)
Kimberly Pace
Renee Carter-Chapman
Cherise Beatus
Adelina Rodriguez
Libby Eufemio

Objective 6: Community Campus