National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI)

Founded in 2008, UAA's NCBI Campus Affiliate is committed to advancing the mission of NCBI and using its methodology both inside and outside the classroom to respond to issues of discrimination, oppression, and controversial issues that may occur on-campus.

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About NCBI


The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) is a nonprofit leadership training organization based just outside of Washington, D.C. Since 1984, NCBI has been working to eliminate prejudice and intergroup conflict in communities throughout the world. NCBI’s proactive approach begins with recruiting and training a corps of local community leaders who learn effective bridge-building skills to combat these conflicts. Currently, NCBI has active Campus Affiliates at 25 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. The NCBI-trained team offers year-long leadership workshops that create a more inclusive campus environment.






“It made me vocalize my own self doubts and was able to let it minimize its hold over me.” – Student

"It has made me more aware of how I see things. Now I have tools for interrupting prejudice speech/behavior.” – Staff member

“Strong impact. I will use this in my teaching and with colleagues.” – Faculty Member

Who Can Benefit? 

  • Students, staff, faculty, and administrators can benefit by learning how to apply the NCBI ideas and skills to their roles within the institution to help make our campus a more inclusive and effective environment.
  • Those interested in addressing diversity and inclusion as part of a staff training, retreat, or professional development program.
  • Any person interested in joining the UAA NCBI affiliate team.
  • Anyone who is passionate about, and has an appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism.


  • Social Inclusion and Equity Workshops

    Offered in full- and half-day formats, this award-winning program consists of a series of incremental activities that helps participants celebrate similarities and differences, recognize misinformation, learn hands-on tools for dealing effectively with offensive remarks and behaviors, and so much more!

  • Conflict and Controversial Issues Workshop

    This four-hour process gives leaders skills to deal constructively with tough conflicts.

  • Customized NCBI Workshops on Demand

    UAA departments and organizations may request a Customized NCBI Workshop (minimum of 2 hours). Please contact us for more information.





Contact the UAA NCBI Team 

Caitlin Sporleder
Administrative Assistant for Student Success Initiatives 
Office: ADM 214
Phone: 907-786-1473
Kimberly Pace 
Term Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science and Women's Studies
Phone: 907-786-4837