NCBI: All for One, One for AllWhat Participants are Saying…

“The NCBI Diversity Workshop has changed the way I viewed myself and the world around me.  I have become a better, more compassionate person because of NCBI; and I am forever grateful." - Student

It has made me more aware of how I see things.  Now I have tools for interrupting prejudice speech/behavior.” – Staff member

“I enjoyed relating to other people of color.” – Staff member

“Have never participated in a Diversity workshop so helped me to become more aware.  All sessions were helpful to give information to apply at work and in personal life.” – Staff member

“I could see I still have subtle prejudices but can overcome them.” – Staff member

“It helped me understand what people from other minorities were going through and helped me know what I can do to avoid these situations from happening.” – Student

“This was life changing.” –Student

“It made me vocalize my own self doubts and was able to let it minimize its hold over me.” – Student

“It was amazing!  It empowered me and made me really want to promote diversity and battle any form of discrimination.” – Student

“Allowed me to access traumatic origin of fear.” – Faculty member

“Strong impact.  I will use this in my teaching and with colleagues.” – Faculty Member

“It was good!  It was empowering!  It was helpful!” – Faculty member

 “Makes me patient and understanding as well as more assertive in speaking out.” – Faculty Member

Who Can Benefit from the Training

  • Students (undergraduate and graduate), staff, faculty, and administrators can benefit by learning how to apply the NCBI ideas and skills to their roles within the institution to help make our campus a more inclusive and effective environment.
  • Those interested in addressing diversity and inclusion as part of a staff training, retreat, or professional development program.
  • Any person interested in joining the UAA NCBI affiliate team.
  • All who believe that prejudice or discrimination is affecting their own or peers personal and/or professional lives.
  • Anyone who is passionate about, and has an appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism.