NCBI Workshop Descriptions

Social Inclusion and Equity Workshop

NCBI’s award-winning Social Inclusion and Equity Workshop is a one-day, experiential program that has been presented to thousands of schools, colleges and universities, corporations, government agencies, trade unions, religious institutions, community organizations, and other groups throughout the world. The Workshop consists of a series of incremental activities that helps participants to:

  • celebrate their similarities and differences, recognize the misinformation they have learned about various groups, including their own,
  • learn about and reevaluate personal attitudes and behaviors that are based on the impact of prejudice and discrimination,
  • claim pride in their group identities,
  • understand the personal impact of discrimination through the telling of stories, and
  • learn hands-on tools for dealing effectively with offensive remarks and behaviors.

Participants interested in becoming Welcoming Diversity Workshop leaders may subsequently choose to enroll in a Social Inclusion and Equity Train-the-Trainer.

Social Inclusion and Equity Train-the-Trainer

The Train-the-Trainer is an intensive and interactive three-day course that teaches participants how to lead the highly effective and publicly-acclaimed Social Inclusion and Equity Workshop. The NCBI train-the-trainer model offers these important qualities:

  • Participants meet often in small learning groups where they receive individual coaching and practice in leading major workshop components.
  • The combination of emotional healing work and practical skill training enables participants to learn quickly in a safe environment that values individual initiative.
  • NCBI’s seasoned training teams, representing a wide variety of backgrounds, coupled with the diversity of the participants in the seminar, provide a valuable resource that helps participants better understand their similarities and differences and learn valuable bridge-building skills.

Following the Train-the-Trainer, we encourage participants to join our UAA NCBI Affiliate chapter. The UAA NCBI Affiliate members meet monthly to offer ongoing support, advanced training, and supervision.

*Please note for UAA Faculty and Staff, supervisor approval must be secured prior to workshop registration.
**Refreshments and lunch are provided.