Liaison Services

There may be times when Disability Support Services includes language on a faculty notification letter to note that a student may be making requests that deserve full consideration. These types of "other" or liaison services  are NOT mandated adjustments.

Liaison language is used when a student is requesting an exception to policy and citing disability as a part of the rationale for why the request should be considered.

We ask that faculty and staff give requests that are introduced through liaison services full consideration. Each request should be considered on a case by case basis.


Attendance Policies and Student with Disabilities

The first thing to make clear is that class attendance policies are never determined by Disability Support Services. There are big differences in how courses are designed. The level of interaction or participation is based on department, college, or faculty discretion and thus, attendance policies are academic decisions.

If attendance is determined to be essential, then students need to work with the faculty to determine whether or not it is reasonable to offer alternatives for make-up work and missed quizzes and exams.

A faculty member is never required to lower or substantially modify essential course elements in order to provide an accommodation. DSS can provide faculty information regarding the legitimacy of the absences which are based on appropriate medical and/or psychological documentation.