Notetaking Assistance

NotetakingNotetakers are recruited from within classes in which a student with a documented disability requires assistance.

Notetakers are paid $25.00 per credit per semester. They are given carbon-treated notetaking paper so that when they take their notes as they always would, a second copy is produced without any additional work.

If a student is eligible for notetaking assistance as an academic accommodation you will receive a faculty notification letter. In the letter, you will find an announcement that is to be read to the class. This is the announcement:

Disability Support Services is recruiting a notetaker for this class. No extra time outside of class is required. Notes are generally taken on a special paper that makes copies as you write. For someone who already takes good notes, this is an opportunity to assist a fellow student and earn extra money. Any interested student should remain after class today.

It is important that you read the announcement each class session until a notetaker is found. It can also be helpful to place an announcement within Blackboard.

The student who needs notes will meet with any prospective notetakers who have come forward after class and will take care of future arrangements, such as directing the notetaker to our office so we can provide the special paper and obtain contact information that will be used for payment at the end of the semester.

Students using notetakers sign an agreement form. They are responsible for all communication regarding missed classes, quality of notes, and other concerns. Notetakers receive a Notetaker Overview in their application packet.