Syllabus Statement Templates

To inform students of the Disability Support Services department, it is recommended that one of the following examples be included in your first-class-session announcements and on your syllabus:

"If you experience a disability and would like information about support services, contact Disability Support Services (DSS), located in Rasmuson Hall 105 at 786-4530.

"Students with disabilities who may need adjustments should contact Disability Support Services (DSS). They are located in Rasmuson Hall 105 or can be reached by phone at 786-4530." 

"Please contact me directly with any concerns or specific needs you have. Please contact Disability Support Services (DSS) to arrange for disability related accommodations.  The DSS office is in Rasmuson Hall 105. Their phone number and e-mail address are available on their website, at"

"If you have a disability that may affect your academic experience and are seeking accommodations, it is your responsibility to inform Disability Support Services (DSS) as soon as possible.  They are located in Rasmuson Hall 105 and can be reached by phone at 786-4530 or by email at  It is important to request accommodations early enough to give DSS adequate time to consider your request.  Reasonable accommodations will be approved once students have provided appropriate documentation."


Other Ideas for the Syllabus

Disability Support Services encourages faculty to consider a Universal Design approach to course design. This means that the syllabus would exemplify the concepts of multiplicity and flexibility.

The syllabus would speak to the fact that content is represented in multiple ways, that there are multiple ways for students to engage, and that there are alternative yet equally effective methods for students to demonstrate mastery.

More information is available by contacting DSS at 907-786-4530 or