Testing Accommodations


Student who are eligible for testing accommodations such as extended time, a quiet testing environment, a computer for written exams, or other modifications, may choose to have DSS send a Faculty Notification letter outlining the accommodations that are needed.

If a faculty member wishes to provide an alternate testing arrangement for a student who is not eligible for testing accommodation on the basis of disability, but may be struggling, it may be possible for DSS to assist with proctoring as a courtesy. This would be done based on faculty request and through consultation with the Director or Coordinator on a space available basis.

Faculty always have a choice in either administering the test with the accommodations in place, or having the test administered by DSS. Email notification will include a link to the testing contract and it is vital to fill this out because the standard amount of time allowed to the class, the appropriateness of bringing, notes, books, or other materials into the classroom, as well as the method of delivery and pick-up for the actual testing materials, are all included on the testing contract. Without this information DSS cannot administer tests.

All students who take their tests through Disability Support Services are held to the UAA Student Code of Conduct.

Please note that for students whose testing accommodations include Alternate Format testing materials we prefer to receive tests as email attachments.

The DSS Test Proctoring Rooms are all equipped with height adjustable tables, computer stations with adaptive software and large monitors on flexible arms. All rooms are  monitored by staff and are also equipped with cameras for additional surveillance. Test security is taken very seriously and any faculty member who wishes to come in for a tour of the space is welcome to do so.