Links for Faculty

Please note that the following links will bring you to sites outside of the DSS website. You can use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Remember to check out the UAA Accessibility Site for a wealth of information on proactive design tips, tools and techniques. The site is a gateway to tutorials, showcases and ways to understand the experiences of different end users. There is information on free programs and training opportunities.

ADA is the US Department of Justice American's with Disabilities Act home page.

Blackboard Accessibility page provides basic information on the accessibility of Blackboard and serves as a gateway to additional information. One Section of special interest is the communities tab where there are options to connect with others in a shared region or with others who share a special interest. "Bb Matters" is found within the Connections section of the community tab. It is an electronic newsletter that highlights best practices and features an accessibility section.

WebAim page provides instruction for those who wish to create accessible webpages or accessible rich content.