Current students: You can now enter your summer 2016 classes in the DSS system! Be sure to make your accommodation requests as soon as possible!

Welcome to DSS!  
Disability Support Services (DSS) coordinates the support services for UAA students who experience disabilities, as well as provides resources for the university and community. Providing equal opportunities for students who experience disabilities is a campus-wide responsibility and commitment.
New to DSS? Students requesting accommodations for the first time need to make an appointment for a meeting with the Disabilities Accommodations Coordinator to establish eligibility. DSS staff can provide details about services and accommodations that are available to qualified students with appropriate documentation. Early planning is encouraged to allow DSS staff adequate time to make the necessary arrangements for support services.

Once eligibility has been determined, students login to the DSS Online System to make specific requests each semester.

  • Enter Course Reference Numbers for each class
  • Select the adjustments that are needed
  • Submit for faculty notification
  • For testing accommodations, when you receive your syllabus, come back to DSS to schedule exams for the semester
For more information visit the Student Accommodation Requests page

Faculty Implementing Accommodations:  Read more in the faculty section.
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