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To promote yourself and your work, join the Guild. Here are the profiles of some of our members:

Arts Disability Wales Arts Disability Wales works throughout Wales to promote equal opportunities in the arts for disabled people. Theirr services include:

  • Arts-specific Disability Equality Training
  • Consultations around policy development and
  • implementation
  • Information and advice to organisations and individuals on all issues relating to arts and disability
  • Regular publication; ‘What’s On’
  • A membership scheme which is free to disabled people for the first year
  • Development work to increase opportunities in the arts for disabled people

Please visit their website - www.artsdisabilitywales.com


axis danceAXIS Dance Company was founded in 1987, became a non-profit entity in 1990, and has been producing award winning performances and exemplary programs for 15 years. Based at the Alice Arts Center in Oakland, CA, AXIS is one of the nation's pre-eminent pioneers of the emerging field of physically integrated dance, dance created through the collaboration of dancers with and without disabilities. AXIS provides education on dance, disability and creative collaboration through community education and outreach programs. We perform and teach throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, nationally and internationally. Some of our performance and residency highlights include the 2002 Olympic Arts Festival, Salt Lake City; Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis; Cal Performances, Berkeley; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; Central Park Summer Stage, New York; Florida Dance Festival, Miami; Paralympics, Atlanta; and the International Festival of Wheelchair Dance in Boston, which we co-curated. International engagements include Novosibirsk, Siberia, and Cologne, Germany. AXIS serves as a widely known resource in the emerging field of physically integrated dance and sets exemplary artistic and educational standards.

Contact Judith Smith, Artistic Director, AXIS Dance Company, 1428 Alice St., #201, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone +1 510 625 0110; Fax +1 510 625 0321; Email
judy@axisdance.org; Website www.axisdance.org

Mat FraserMat Fraser is disabled actor/musician/writer/presenter, who also does Live Art, Cabaret, even some modelling...so he's multi disciplinary, though it was never intended. He describes himself as both a disabled artist and a disability artist, in that he simultaneously seeks a mainstream acting career as any non disabled actor might do, but all his self produced  work deals with the social construct that is disability in one way or another. He is working on a new one man show tour internationally in 2004, and will continue to tour his one man play Sealboy:Freak". Mat's TV documentary on the cultural historical heritage of disabled performers, "Born Freak" recently aired on British TV. His website, for more details of him and his work, is www.matfraser.com


michael germannMichael Germann has been doing art a photograph for the past 10 years. He took up photography to get out of the house and back into the real world after injury. He met others with an interest in photography and art. They encouraged him to get into doing art and he slowly started to do just that. Now Michael does art full time from home and belongs to a local artist organization called OUT OF THE SHADOWS ARTISTS.

Michael's web site where some of his art is posted is www.mik-a-low.com.


René Joseph continues to make and exhibit paintings, collages, drawings, art toys, and sculptures, despite a 1992 work injury that has left the artist in cronic pain. Website: www.renejoseph.com


Andrea Martell is a writer who runs "The Disabled Entrepreneur" (www.disabledentrepreneur.com), which helps people with disabilities become successful entrepreneurs and offers free financial education for people with disabilities. Contact Andrea at editor@disabledentrepreneur.com.


Daniel MigneaultDaniel Migneault is a disabled painter and ex-musician living in Canada. His web adress is www.geocities.com/loveminuszero008/me_art.html


Julie McNamaraJulie McNamara is an award-winning singer, songwriter and playwright. She is Director of London Disability Arts Forum and a radical voice in the Mental Health System Survivor Movement. Her writing has been widely published (Women's Press, Routledge, Survivors' Press, Cassell) and her performances have graced the stage from Tobago to Liverpool. Originally from Birkenhead, she has made London her home. When asked about her direction in life, Julie says: "I come from a long line of recovering Catholics. They always tell us that Good Girls will go to heaven. What they don't tell you is that Wicked Women can go where the hell we like!"

She is currently touring Pig Tales in the UK and will take it to New Zealand in May 04. Set against the madness and mayhem of a fantasy world created by people brutalised by the Catholic Church and the psychiatric system, Pig emerges triumphant. Pig's tale is one of life on the edge, of tenderness in unexpected places and of the resilience of the human spirit.

Julie is at last joining us in the twenty first century and has launched a website to market her work. Check out www.juliemc.com.


Tennise B Morse is the author of a non-fiction (personal narrative) history of the Social Security Disability reviews of the 1980's. It is free to all at http://members.tripod.com/~TBMorse/freebook.html. She has a BA in American Studies from SUNY at Buffalo and an MFA in Fiction Writing from Columbia University's School of the Arts. "Because my book deals with disability themes, it is considered 'non-mainstream'," says Tennise, "and because it deals with political and social issues, I am considered to be a disability advocate instead of a writer. I disagree with both." Feel free to visit her site, read her book, and judge for yourself.


Kari Ann Owen is a disabled artist, writer, singer and dancer in Northern California. Her themes generally address the search for spiritual and psychological wholeness in a world of immense violence and conflict within and without. Kari Ann's plays have been recognized nationally and internationally

Latest award: Moondance International Film Festival 2002 Stage Play Winner! www.moondancefilmfestival.com and the breadth of her work generally may be seen on her web site, pwp.value.net/penomee/penomee.html. Please contact Kari Ann at penomee@value.net


paraCultura e.V. is a german organisation for funding artists with a (dis)ability. They are organising the 1st international paraCultura festival in Berlin, Germany from Sept. 24th to 26th 2004. Any artist who is interested to participate on this festival or to be part of their artists online database (which is in work), may send them a mail for further information via their website www.paraCultura.com


Philip PatstonPhilip Patston is the founder of the International Guild of Disabled Artists and Performers. He is one of New Zealand's most well-known and successful comedians. Philip has appeared as a feature act in every series of the popular New Zealand television show "Pulp Comedy" since 1997. He has performed live in several comedy and arts festivals in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. He also had a brief but acclaimed role in the local hit soap "Shortland Street". In 1999 he was the recipient of a Billy T James Comedy Award, awarded each year to comedians in recognition of their strong contribution to, and future potential in, the NZ comedy industry. To top it off he is New Zealand's inaugural Queer of the Year, awarded by gay television series "Queer Nation".

More about Philip's comedy at www.diversityworks.co.nz.


Alejandra RaposoAlejandra Raposo (Chile) is starting to work on artistic flash animations to develop web pages and she expects to make a living out of it.

She is currently learning computer techniques. "I am really fascinated with all the posibillities that design software offers to artistic creation," she says. "I can't move very much so the the ideas of giving movement and creating animations seduce me."

You can go to http://www.geocities.com/tucrea/ to see some examples of Alejandra's work and other interesting links. She also sells her old engravings and makes semi-artesanal post cards with special motifs.


Manuel San Miguel is a Post-Polio Syndrome survivor. Born in Puerto Rico from a family of artists, Manny, as friends call him, started creating art since 8 and at 9 was invited by the International Academy of Arts and Sciences, Puerto Rico chapter to present his work on TV in a program titled "Flowers of the Sea".

Manuel later pursued other academic interests and went on to serve as Attorney and advocate of the disabled within the Government during the mid 80's.

Forced to retire because of health problems, he actively experiments with computers in developing new digital techniques on conventional painting media, like watercolor, pastels, etc...


sesowMatt Sesow is a disabled artist living in Washington, DC. He is a full-time artist and lives off the sales of his paintings. His webpage is www.sesow.com


Theatre UnlimitedTheatre Unlimited staff teach over 20 classes in the performing arts per week with emphasis on drama and dance. Classes are offered to participants of all ages in every department at both the San Francisco and Marin sites. Some classes are open to the community as part of City College of San Francisco's Disabled Students Program. Volunteers, local and international interns, and guest artists join Theatre Unlimited classes, bringing their love for the arts, their performance expertise, and their technical talents to the program.


Lisa Vingoe is interested in making links with disabled performers and groups who may be interested in the work of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and the opportunity to meet with others and discuss opportunities and other issues. LIPA works closely with the North West Disability Arts Forum and also with Arts Council England and other arts and disability organisations.

LIPA runs Effecting Change, a two-year exploration of opportunities for Deaf and Disabled people in the performing arts. Their first conference, Finding the Spotlight, was held in May 2003 and involved papers, workshops and performances from disabled artists and groups from across the UK and USA and the Netherlands. It was attended by artists, employers, teachers, technicians, arts council employers and ministers who discussed education, training and employment.

Their International Conference, Moving Centre Stage is taking place 6th - 8th May 2004. Themes include inclusive practice, legislation, education and employment. See www.lipa.ac.uk/effectingchange


Steve Wilkes is a disabled photographer & digital artist. After taking an HNC qualification in photography Steve is developing a photography & digital arts freelance career. Part specialising in food photography he has recently obtained work with Sainsbury's for national publication. He was also employed as the photographer for the Above & Beyond Festival 2003 at Cheltenham. His main artistic passion is combining film and digital methods to explore his and others' feelings about disability. His website contains some of the images he has produced. They may be challenging to some and contain male and female nudity.





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