Housing Adjustments

Students who experience disabilities and need housing related adjustments will need to follow three basic steps:

1. Apply for housing in accordance with all existing timelines and procedures. Please note on application that a disability related adjustment is being requested.
Adjustments are always determined on an individualized basis. Examples of adjustments might include requests for:

    • Single room
    • Accessible unit
    • Animals in housing (see information on therapy animal requests below)
    • Modification to meal plan
    • Modification to housing unit (installation of strobe alarm for example)
    • Other

2. Meet with Disability Support Services to provide documentation that supports request (confidential process)
Students attending UAA are expected to meet with the Director or Coordinator to discuss all requests for adjustment on the basis of disability, including classroom, programmatic, and housing requests. A review of documentation is required. In the case of housing requests, DSS is typically not the entity to approve or deny requests, however when housing and residence life are working with students to review disability related requests they will need to confirm that DSS has appropriate records in place.

3. Meet with Residence Life and Housing to discuss specifics of request
Adjustments are put in place when students have made legitimate requests confirmed by documentation on file with DSS, and when they have met any additional requirements established by housing and residence life. For example, in the case of a request for a therapy animal the student should have documentation of disability on file with DSS, but also needs to verify safety and care of the animal with housing and verify that the therapeutic relationship is ongoing with residence life (see therapy animal request facts below).

Therapy Animal Requests at UAA

  1. Be engaged in ongoing therapeutic relationship in which an animal is an appropriate therapeautic approach.
  2. Make a request to housing and residence life within the semester before you wish to have an animal in housing
  3. Confirm that you have documentation on file with Disability Support Services
  4. Followup on request to answer additional questions and confirm eligibility based on requirements

Myth and Fact

Anyone can get a written prescription for a pet by asking a health care professional. FALSE

Requests in the absence of an ongoing therapeutic relationship are considered requests for a pet. Pets are not allowed according to university policy. Individuals who want or need a pet should consider living off-campus. Those who are living off-campus can use UAA Commuter Student services to remain connected with the campus community. Student are only eligible for an exception to the no pet policy if the animal is used as a tool of therapy. There must be evidence of an ongoing therapeutic relationship. 



Contact Information for Housing Requests

Disability Support Services
(confidential documentation review and adjustment approval)

(application for housing, request for adjustment, and notification of approved adjustments)

Residence Life
(notification of approved adjustments)