Notetaking Approaches

Notetaking Assistance is an accommodation that is available for students on an individual basis; options include the use of digital recorders and LiveScribe smart pens, available on loan from DSS for a semester.  You may also request a student to take notes for you.  Please request notetaking as an accommodation and DSS will schedule an appointment for you with the Adaptive Computing Specialist, to determine the best choice for you.

Ideas to Consider

  1. Open Powerpoint on Laptop and type notes in bottom pane
  2. Record lecture with Livescribe and review pencasts
  3. Cornell Method to organize handwritten notes on page
  4. Journal One Note to combine notes from different sources
  5. Use notes to self, to do lists, and other personal notetaking strategies

Notetaking Assistance

Notetaking Assistance is an accommodation provided by another student in the class who is already taking good notes, then is  recruited to take those notes on special duplicate paper.  This way both the notetaker and the DSS student have notes at the end of each class session. Students using Notetaking Assistance are encouraged to review a sample of the notes taken by a student notetaker who comes forward during the recruitment process to make sure the handwriting and organizational method will work well. Usually the students who come forward to serve as notetakers are strong students with excellent notetaking techniques. Feedback has generally been very positive.

Some students like to recruit their own notetakers, other students prefer to have faculty or DSS staff assist in the process by reading an announcement out loud to the class.

Students using notetakers sign an agreement form.  Students are responsible for all communication regarding missed classes, quality of notes, and other concerns. Students are also responsible for making sure the notetakers who come forward in the recruitment process make contact with DSS to turn in the Notetaker Application paperwork.

Notetakers receive a Notetaker Overview in their application packet. Notetakers also receive carbon-treated notetaking paper so that when they take their notes as they always would, a second copy is produced without any additional work. The Application packet also contains a Notetaker Payment Verification form that is signed by both the DSS student and the notetaker at the end of the semester. The notetakers are paid $25.00 per credit per semester.