Who is eligible for testing accommodations?

Testing accommodations are approved on an individual basis. Students seeking testing accommodations need to schedule an appointment with DSS staff and supply documentation to support their request.  When a student requests a testing accommodation for a course, DSS generates a notification letter to the faculty of that course. DSS coordinates with the student and faculty to arrange the accommodation.

Test Anxiety is not considered a disability and DSS cannot provide testing accommodations based on testing anxiety alone.  For students who experience anxiety that has been diagnosed by a mental health professional there are additional accommodations that may be appropriate. Any student who is looking for more information should schedule an appointment to talk with DSS staff.


What kind of testing accommodations are available?

Testing accommodations are determined on an individualized basis. Some of the accommodations that may be appropriate based on supporting documentation include:

  • Extended testing time
  • Reduced distraction environment
  • Alternate format testing material
  • Adaptive software Reader
  • Scribe or Reader

What are my responsibilities as a student using testing accommodations?

As a student using testing accommodations with DSS as proctor you are responsible for scheduling your exams with our office.  We recommend coming in with the syllabus and scheduling all tests and exams right at the start of the semester. If scheduling is done throughout the semester it is imperative that as much advance notification as possible be given. Our department needs to coordinate with faculty and schedule rooms appropriately.

Tests and quizzes that are proctored by our department are to be administered the same day and time they are administered in the classroom.