Community engagement takes place across the university in its several colleges and in unique ways through curricular engagement, engaged research and creative activity, and student engagement through the Office of Student Life & Leadership.UAA is committed to assessing and measuring the impact of our engagement efforts, and that may be accomplished in a number of different departments in different ways.

CCEL currently collects and reports on community engagement data in the following ways:


Curricular Engagement

Student Surveys:  Since 2011, we have conducted end-of-semester surveys of community-engaged courses with an instrument adapted from one used by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).We use the full instrument for our Civic Engagement courses, and an abbreviated version with Part 2 only for the bulk of the community-engaged courses.

Reports of survey results completed in June 2012 and June 2013 by CCEL Interns are provided here.

End of Semester Course Survey

Student Survey Report 2012

Student Survey Report 2013

Faculty Surveys:  A Faculty Survey of Community Engagement was conducted Spring 2014 by graduate students in PADM A604 (Public Administration course in Research Methods).The instrument and report generated are provided here.Beginning Spring 2015, the BANNER database will identify designations of community engagement and service learning for the curriculum; faculty will receive a very brief survey at the end of each semester asking for descriptions of engaged activities and impacts for students, faculty, and community partners.

Faculty Survey Instrument

Faculty Curricular Engagement Survey 2013-14 Report



Community Partner Surveys

Community Partner Surveys: CCEL conducted surveys in June 2012 and 2013 with partners who work with the Civic Engagement students. For Spring 2014, the sample was expanded to university-wide partners for a Community Partner Engagement Survey conducted by graduate students in PADM A604 (Public Administration course in Research Methods).

The instrument and report generated are provided here.

Community Partner Survey Instrument

Community Partner Survey Report 2013-14


Faculty & Student Award Reports

Faculty and students who receive awards through CCEL are asked to provide brief reports of the impact of their projects.Approximately eight faculty receive mini-grants each year; one annual award is given by the Selkregg family since 2005; two rewards were given in 2014, and the 2013 reward was not completed due to the faculty winner leaving the university.

Student awards are given annually for Second Bridge and Dr. Alex Hills – each of the students is asked to provide a report and documentation of his or her project through photographs.Community-Engaged Student Assistants are requested by individual faculty in a competitive award process.They produce posters for their joint projects with faculty that are viewed at an April Community Engagement Luncheon Forum.Beginning in Spring 2014, an assessment instrument will be used to report on the CESA project and experience.

Faculty Awards

Faculty Minigrants

Faculty Minigrant Survey Instrument - Courses

Faculty Minigrant Survey Instrument - Community-Based Research

Faculty Minigrant Survey Instrument - Project or Creative Activity

Selkregg Community Engagement & Service Learning Award

Student Awards

Second Bridge Award

Dr. Alex Hills Engineering and Civic Engagement Award

CESA-Community Engaged Student Assistants