Welcome, community partners, and to anyone interested in what UAA is doing in the community.  

We invite you to engage with us and to find ways to connect with faculty and students to meet your needs in the community. 

  • Browse through our website for ideas and information about our faculty, academic courses and current projects.

Please continue to visit our ENGAGE Social Issues website and other websites across the university, as we are large and diverse and our many Colleges and Centers connect with the community in myriad ways for research and service.


Upcoming special events:

Think Tanks

These interactive sessions feature a different non profit agency each session presenting a challenge or issue, and those attending brainstorm solutions for the organization. Spring 2016 semester Think Tanks are scheduled for Feb. 4, March 3, and April 7.

Annual Urban in Alaska Community Engagement Conference

Scheduled for November each year.  This conference brings together students, faculty, and community members in a day of community engagement around social issues.

Civic Engagement Certificate

Students can earn a Civic Engagement Certificate that involves them as active citizens:

Our students are introduced to Civic Engagement and are then involved in internships that place them in a variety of not-for profit or governmental agencies.  Graduates earn their Certificate along with a variety of majors including Social Work, Environment & Society, and Sociology.

Judy with internship CEL 395 students

UAA faculty

Faculty are currently engaged in community projects and partnerships through research or service:

Naomi Torrance, School of Nursing, traveled with UAA students last spring to rural Alaska to proved free health screening exams for children enrolled in Head Start programs.  

Spotlight on a Community Partner:


Alaska Legal Services Corporation

Founded as a nonprofit organization in 1967, ALSC’s mission is to assure meaningful access to justice for all Alaskans, not just those who can afford it. With 11 offices and 26 attorneys throughout the state, ALSC provides free legal advice and representation to low-income individuals and families who cannot afford to pay for it. ALSC strives to serve clients with the greatest social and economic need who live on an income that is less than 200 percent of the adjusted federal poverty guidelines for Alaska. Clients we assist are facing critical civil legal issues ranging from consumer law, family law, housing problems, public benefits, healthcare complications, tribal law, and other areas specific to veterans or the elderly. Legal guidance is provided by staff attorneys, as well as Pro Bono volunteer lawyers who donate their time and expertise to further our efforts. Additionally, ALSC provides self-help resources to help individuals independently navigate the court system. Our legal experts publish information on an assortment of issues, offer community legal education, and refer clients to other social services as needed.