CCEL is involved with several special initiatives.  These initiatives are partnerships that reflect important issues in the community that we work on together as faculty, community members, and UAA students, oftentimes in a combination of roles!  The "State of the Community" of Greater Anchorage and the "State of the State" of Alaska are issues that we all care about, and our signature projects are designed to address what matters to us as citizens and residents.  From the celebration of Filipino heritage to Dialogues for Public Life facilitating discussions on social issues, we embrace a holistic concept of working and creating together; many partners, one community.

Dialogues for Public Life

Dialogues for Public Life is a new program that began out of a Kettering Foundation initiative to train university and community members to discuss public issues in civil discourse.

Dialogues for Public Life webpage

Alaskero Partnership Organizers

The Alaskero Partnership Organizers (APO) is a workgroup of Filipino American UAA faculty and community members seeking to increase visibility, vitality, and sense of community among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (API), especially youth.

Alaskero webpage