Award recipient Jarrod Nelson and Dr. Alex Hills This award encourages UAA undergraduates in Engineering to disseminate engineering knowledge and practice for the benefit of society.  For this $2,500 award, undergraduates will initiate a service project that solves engineering and technology-based problems in partnership with local organizations and under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Why Apply?

  • Have a meaningful experience working with faculty
  • Gain valuable community awareness, particularly in communication with clients
  • Broaden your learning of engineering design within a social context

How to Apply:

Announcing the application period for the 2016 award!  Deadline January 29, 2016

  1. Download the Engineering & Civic Engagement Award Cover Sheet & Application Guidelines (PDF fillable) (Word)
  2. Complete the Cover Sheet including required signatures
  3. Develop a project proposal following the guidelines provided
  4. Obtain letters of support from faculty mentor and community partner
  5. Submit complete application (cover sheet, proposal, letters of support) to the Center for Community Engagement & Learning (CCEL) by January 29, 2016.  Submit application electronically via email to

Need some inspiration?  Look here for Potential Project Ideas

Contact for project or award questions:
Judy Owens-Manley
Director, Center for Community Engagement & Learning     786-4087     LIB 211G

Congratulations to the 2015 Dr. Alex Hills Engineering &
Civic Engagement Award Recipients

Chris Joren, Josh Heppner, and Tyler Kobelnyk

Hills 2015 Award Student Recipients

Faculty Advisor:  Jifeng Peng, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Project:  Small Wind Turbine for Alaska Villages

Josh Heppner, Tyler Kobelnyk and Chris Joren, all UAA Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students, have been selected for the award and will be working with faculty advisor Jifeng Peng, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering.

The students' project will include designing and building a prototype of a small wind turbine for remote Alaskan villages.The project aims to develop a technology that provides a practical approach to tap the wind energy potential in Alaska's rural villages, resulting in an affordable, sustainable and ecologically responsible energy resource.

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About Dr. Alex Hills

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