Community-Campus Opportunities

UAA has a mission to connect - engaging our resources with community expertise to improve the quality of life for citizens in Anchorage and throughout the state.  Community partners, faculty, and students are encouraged to submit opportunities for connection and/or to view opportunities listed here for possible partnerships!

How to use this site:

  • Click on the category tabs (scroll down to see explanations of the categories) to browse the current postings.  You may contact the agency or individual directly using the contact information provided in the posting.
  • Click on the "Share Your Idea" tab to submit an idea or project posting.  Include your contact information for potential connections to reach you.
  • Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often to see the latest projects and connection opportunities!
  • Volunteer – Students may list something they would like to do individually or as a group or club, and community organizations might list something that for which they'd like students or faculty/staff to volunteer.
  • Internship – Students may list a type of internship experience they are looking for and whether it will be connected with an academic course.  Community organizations may post an internship experience they are offering.
  • Service-Learning – These are experiences connected with an academic course.  Faculty may post partnership experiences they are seeking for their students e.g. writing projects for students to advocate for the needs of your organization; marketing projects such as flyers or social media projects; service hours in organizations serving the homeless for my students to volunteer hours in, etc. Community organizations can post similar projects that they would like to do in partnership with faculty and a course they might be teaching.
  • Community Based Research – These projects can be posted by students looking for undergraduate or graduate research opportunities in the community, by faculty looking for the same for themselves, their classes or individual students, or by community organizations looking to have research questions answered. 

When you submit your idea, it is funneled to our administrative page to be approved.  Our Director reviews the information, gives it a title, a short summary, and labels it as a volunteer, internship, service-learning, or community-based research opportunity.

The listing of a project is no guarantee for a match, and our CCEL staff will make every effort to connect relevant projects and people!
If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the CCEL office at 786-4062 or