Constitution Week 2011 Question of the Day

The Question of the Day is a component of the UAA 2011 Constitution Week activities aimed at engaging students and encouraging an investigation of the constitution.

 Monday September 19
Federalist Authors 

The question was about early american political parties.

31% of UAA responses were right

 Tuesday September 20

Woman with Megaphone

The question was about the 1st Amendment.

Learn about rights and get involved

 Wednesday September 21

Gavel and Constitution

The question was about how the constitution should be interpreted.

See how UAA responses compare to a recent study

 Thursday September 22

 Senators seats

The question was about how a bill becomes a law.

Learn more about the process here



Process for Question of the Day

The Question of the day can be answered through an online survey. One response per person per day can be entered into the prize drawing. The contest closes on Friday the 23rd of September.