Campus Organizations

UAA Bike Club
Bike riding is an excellent physical activity while you enjoy the Alaskan scenery and it's kinder to the environment."When we were kids riding a bike for the first time was exciting and new. We try to maintain that excitement. We like to ride bikes and share that fun with our friends and community." (from UAA Bike Club webpage)

The Resilience and Adaptive Management Group (RAM)
RAM's goals:
1. Collaboration, Innovation and Inspiration.
2. Transdisciplinary Methodogical Advancement.
3. Relevance to the Arctic
4. Advancement of Complex Systems and Adaptive Management Theories
5. Maximization of Research Efficiency Between Disciplines
6. Opportunties for Students and Faculty
7. Collaboration with National and International Teams
8. Products which can be applied by communities, managers, policy-makers and scientists in diverse contexts.

UAA Heifer International Club
Heifer International is a global aid organization committed to working with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth. The Heifer International Club at UAA welcomes all students interested in Heifer's model and learning about the world through service.

UAA Office of Sustainability
UAA's Office of Sustainability's mission is "through support of teaching, research, service, study and administration, the Office engages the UAA community and communities state-wide in long-range planning to sustain social-ecological systems, educate campus citizens, promote and reward local sustainability initiatives, support sustainable business practices, and encourage global thinking."

      Affiliated programs include:

  • Recycling program
  • Sustainable Energy Society – "Club Objective: Sustainable Energy Society's goal is to open discussion between students about sustainability education and implementation practices. We wish to do this through lecture discussions with guest speakers, presentations of student research, club meetings, and events."
  • USUAA Sustainability Committee
  • The Chancellor's Sustainability Council
  • Carbon Emissions Reduction and Monitoring Plan (CERM)